Upcoming Events
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Music: The Perkins Brothers Band, The Joy Of Painting, 9pm
11:00 PM


Bear's Place has been a Bloomington tradition since 1972. In that time, we have established the Jazz Fables, the Ryder Movie Series, and the Alternative music scene as must-do's in B-Town.

Every Thursday afternoon we feature a unique Jazz show, featuring such greats as Dave Baker, Dominic Spera, Al Cobine, great I.U. faculty, and many great invited guests. Every Thursday night, we follow Jazz Fables with our always sold out Karaoke night.

As if this wasn't enough entertainment, we also feature the Ryder film series, which each Saturday afternoon, Sunday night, Tuesday night, and early Wednesday provides films on the cutting edge. And, every Wednesday night, we offer our best of B-Town (and from around the country) alternative music. Why go anywhere else for your entertainment needs?

At Bear's Place we have it all. And I don't believe we mentioned our great menu or drink specials, which include the world-famous Hairy Bear and his younger sister, the Hairy Beaver.

So come see us often, for a wide variety of entertainment, and of course, good food, good music, and frosty libations.